Saturday, 7 March 2015

Creative Writing: "This next bit's really nice."

I have started working on my first novel, I've been sitting on this idea for a long time (both of writing and the plot).   In Channel 4's The Book Group (well worth a watch) Kenny reads out Jack Kerouac's writing advice at the book group for On the Road and so occasionally, I will post a few nice things I have seen online about writing.  Mostly for fun.  Mainly as a reminder to help it stick.

Character reading a book, saying "This next bit's really nice."

Let the madness begin!

majestic-seagull asked: I'm an aspiring author, but I feel like all of my ideas are too heavily inspired by other works of fiction. I really like them, but I'm worried that if I show people they'll think I copied X or Y. Any advice? When we start out, we sound like other people.   As we write we sound more and more like ourselves, and we become ourselves. We learn that it’s not the ideas that matter as much as the way we express the idea.   As we live we accumulate life experience, and it’s where we get our own ideas from. We stop sounding like other people, stop doing things their way, and start doing them our own way.  My advice is to keep writing.

Source: Neil Gaiman tumblr.

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. By Anais Nin.

3. Make your story question the world. A story should never set out to answer a question, rather it should pose the question correctly. Here I am paraphrasing advice from Chekhov. Good writing offers up a knotty picture of the world for a reader to untangle: Over here, reader! Look at this tangle of thorns! A story which ties everything up in neat conclusions might be more commercial (read Disney) but if it doesn’t make us question the world then it cannot claim to be art.

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